Nick Kinkaid Says Widow Maker Tubes Have More Action

| June 29, 2013

2011 – I love the long tail that Widow Maker tubes have! They have so much more action than other tubes with longer bodies. From the way the body slowly narrows down all the way to the tapered tail, it is perfect in shape!

Part of the reason the body tapers down is because of the Bite Me tube heads I use. No offense to the heads you sell, the Bite Me’s are just more readily available and the Gamakatsu hooks are super sharp.

The overall profile of the rigged bait is excellent though, and I really think about the way the bait appears on the hook whereas most anglers just look at the bait.

The salt impregnation you use is also superior to all the tubes I have previously used. Cast after cast, I can still see the salt in and on the bait.

Also, the color selection covers all of the basic forage. And on top of that, you have some colors that work well in stained water.

Nick Kincaid* – OK

* Nick Kincaid has since joined Drop Shot Dennys Pro Staff.

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