Welcome to the New Drop Shot Dennys

| July 1, 2013

Welcome to the New Drop Shot Dennys Bait & Tackle website! We hope you take some time to look around and try it out.

We have an all new online Store here with tons of new colors available in our famous Widow Maker tubes, Ditch Bugs creature baits, hot 4 and 5-inch Sticks, Old Jigger Copperhead Jigs, 4-inch Drop Shot Worm and our unique 6-inch Drop Shot Worm, along with many more quality fishing tackle products such as J. J.’s Magic Dippin’ Dye, WaveSpin Reels and our jig heads!

We are still adding individual product colors for all of these new lure colors so we appreciate your patience while we finish getting those pictures taken and uploaded to the website! Meanwhile, you can see a sampling of all the colors on the Jig Color Chart and the Martiny Hand-poured Color Chart.

We accept online payments by major credit cards and PayPal payments through PayPal. You can create an account on www.thedropshotdenny.com to make your future shopping easier. If you have any questions or comments, please Contact us. Thank you!

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